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Process: Pome Grupp OÜ


Below you can see the entire Kerbing process – How we make our kerbs and molds – step by step:

1. Trenching

In normal garden we trench 2/8cm deep – depending on the curb being used. The width of the trench is 23cm; this allows ample room for you curb. The scandiedger is ideal for „trenching“ in very hard conditions / surfaces, such as old driveways, or where the ground is very compact, or previously been graveled etc. Our scandiedger will cut a thench at the pace and speed you can word/walk backwards.

2. Mixing

All of our scandimixers are powered with 8hp Honda engines. Our machines allow for the concrete to be „Lifted“ in the air during the mixing process, this produces an „Even and light mix“ which also allows the scandicurb to run faster and for you to work more efficently. A standard mix would take approx. 4 minutes. „Coloring“ is added at this stage – We offer our customers a choice of color. In fact any color the customer requests. Our scandimixer is extremly effective for „mixing in“ the perfect color.

3. Curbing

The curb is placed in the trench by the ScandiCurb machine. This is self propelled. All we need to do is control the height, and steer in the right direction to create the utlimate curb. With the correct mixer, and our curbing machine we only have to use our hand trowel once on the curb! Again, this saves us time and ensures that we lay a very fast, continuous and strong curb. Our machines are unique for this procedure. You attach your customers chosen mould / design onto the curb machine, and away you go! To sate we have 20 different standard design molds

4. Curbing / walkway path

We normally make two mixes at the time. This allows us to lie between 10-12 meters of „Slant-edge“ or „Mower-edge“.When we have poured out the two mixes (we then make a further two mixes, a second person will apply this, the last finish to the curb). To achive the perfect finish, we supply a range of „hand made“ and with a little practice can easily be constructed to make that impeccable finish.

5. Troweling

We offer a selection of patterns to our customers – this gives us another opportunity to add value to our jobs. Patterns are applied with a simple „Roller technique“. The rollers we supply are very robust, 8 different patterns are available, but we can „Custom patter“ roller designs for you.

6. Control joints / design pattern

This is very important with curbing, we make these control joints in the curbs: a) To give the effect of the curb looking like bricks laid by hand. You decide how far apart your control joints should be, but more importantly b) To allow for ground movement. In nothern europe we recommend a max space of 70cm between each cut. The control joints are cut on avarage, half way through the curb. This allows for the curb to move with the ground, but the magical curb will still remain jointed as one long curb.

7. Payments

We always Invoice on completion of the job. Payment „there and then“ from another satisfied customer. At this stage you will also have the opportunity to discuss the job and for the customer to give you their comment. And i can tell you it will be very postive.

Watch this short movie to see the stunning effects you can achieve when using our machines!

About the company

Pome Grupp OÜ has specialized in garden and landscape design since 2003. In order to offer full solution, we co-operate with Mõdriku Iluaed OÜ, who are targeted to perennial flowers and design gardens. In addition to that we offer different kerbing solutions with Scandicurb machine, which can suffessfully be used in commercial as well as residential works. Dimensions of the machine are not big, which makes it an irreplaceable tool in smaller gardens where larger machinery cannot be used. The machine enables to produce kerbs (sizes are available up to  40cm in width and 40 cm in height), walkway paths (50 cm in width and 7cm in height) and water gullies. Additional information and pictures from all kerbing designs (moulds) are available on our website. This technology is quite new in Europe and is starting to gain more and more interest among Estonian architects and landscape designers. Besides offering full solution in landscape planning, we also resell Scandicurb machines in Estonia. We are convinced that Scandicurb is a unique and multifunctional machine of future. We also distribute the production of Pomarkun Urakoitsijatarvike Oy – supplementary equipment for heavy machinery made in Finland. More data from: www.pome.fi

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