Scandicurb muck truck

Motorized Wheelbarrows / Power Barrows.... Kant Design recommend the Muck-Truck

"A vital piece of machinery when 'kerbing' large commercial and residential jobs. Normally we have to move 2-5 tons of concrete on one day, and the conventional wheelbarrow is just too small. I just can't imagine how we would cope without it" - Says Kim Pedersen. MD of Kant Design.

Muck-truck® the world's leader in mini pedestrian dumpers.

First with the Concept - First with the design - Number 1 in the World.

Muck-truck® has proven to be the benchmark which other manufacturers try to emulate.

  • The mini dumper has been in production for over 16 years
  • The engine comes with a full 24 month commercial use warranty
  • Can change mini dumper attachments in seconds
  • Will climb up to 30°
  • Transports easily, no ramp required for loading the mini dumper into a van
  • The mucktruck dumper is easy to steer empty or fully loaded
  • Works well with a number of other construction machines, such as mini diggers and cement mixers
  • Spare Parts are readily available, can be dispatched the same day as ordered (Provided they are ordered by noon).


  • Model: Muck-Truck® - 4 Wheel Drive
  • Engine: Honda GXV 160, 4 stroke
  • Transmission: Peerless transaxle 3 forward / 1 reverse speed
  • Fuel: Unleaded petrol
  • Capacity: 6 cu ft. or ¼ tonne (250kg) carrying capacity
  • Noise Rating: 79db
  • Parking Brake: Disk
  • Wheels: Front 400 x 10, 4 ply tractive. Rear 400 x 8, 4 ply tractive
  • Dimensions: Length - 155cm/61", Width - less than 71cm/28", Height - 85cm/34"
  • Weight: 110kg unlaiden


  • Engine - Briggs and Stratton 625 190cc , california Tier III compliant.
  • Engine - Briggs and Stratton 625 190cc , california Tier III compliant.
  • Transmission -Variable speed belt drive Fwd/Rev with limited slip differential.
  • Speed -Fwd 3.5mph / Rev 2mph.
  • Carrying capacity -450lbs /200kgs.
  • Drive - 2 wheel drive (4 wheel drive optional).
  • Dimensions -Width 28.5 inches / Length 62.5 inches / Height 36.5 inches / weight unladen 256lbs-117kgs
  • Click here to download Muck-truck specification


  • Model: MAX DumperTM - 4 Wheel Drive
  • Engine: Honda GXV 160cc commercial grade, 4 stroke, 5.5hp
  • Transmission: Peerless transaxle 3 forward / 1 reverse speed
  • Fuel: Gas
  • Capacity: 8 cu ft. or 800 lbs carrying capacity
  • Noise Rating: 79db
  • Tires: Four 10 inch tires and rear wheel hubs
  • Parking Brake: Disc
  • Wheels: Front 400 x 10, 4 ply tractive. Rear 400 x 10 pneumatic tires
  • Dimensions: Length - 64", Width - less than 28", Height - 36"
  • Weight: 286lbs unlaiden
  • All ACCESSORIES fit both Muck-Truck® and Max Dumper
  • Flatbed, Ramp kit, Tow Hitch bracket, Skip Extensions, Double Wheels, Snow plow, Bulk Skip, Powerlift, Vacuum

All mucktrucks are CE marked and comply with All European Health and Safety regulations.

Muck-Truck® Power Barrows

Since 1993 the Muck-Truck has evolved to become the world's most popular motorized power wheelbarrow. The secret behind the continued success of the Muck-Truck is constant research, development and listening to our customers. Our success has evolved, and we now manufacture the Muck-Truck® Power Barrow in 4 continents across the world.

The Muck-Truck moves all kinds of materials over most terrains effortlessly. With its powerful Honda engine, four wheel drive, and large tires, the Muck-Truck will literally climb over obstacles and up steep inclines, carrying a quarter-ton load twice as fast as 'tracked' machine, at a fraction of the cost. The Muck Truck is exceptionally stable, yet the centre of gravity allows easy load-dumping without the added expense of a powered dump mechanism.

Muck-Truck® provides:

  • Power Barrows
  • Motorized Wheelbarrows
  • Powered Wheelbarrows
  • Micro Dumpers
  • Mini Dumpers
  • Powered Haulers
  • Heavy Duty Wheelbarrows
  • Powered Barrows
  • Pedestrian Dumpers
  • Motorized Wheel Barrows
  • Power Buggies

About the company

Pome Grupp OÜ has specialized in garden and landscape design since 2003. In order to offer full solution, we co-operate with Mõdriku Iluaed OÜ, who are targeted to perennial flowers and design gardens. In addition to that we offer different kerbing solutions with Scandicurb machine, which can suffessfully be used in commercial as well as residential works. Dimensions of the machine are not big, which makes it an irreplaceable tool in smaller gardens where larger machinery cannot be used. The machine enables to produce kerbs (sizes are available up to  40cm in width and 40 cm in height), walkway paths (50 cm in width and 7cm in height) and water gullies. Additional information and pictures from all kerbing designs (moulds) are available on our website. This technology is quite new in Europe and is starting to gain more and more interest among Estonian architects and landscape designers. Besides offering full solution in landscape planning, we also resell Scandicurb machines in Estonia. We are convinced that Scandicurb is a unique and multifunctional machine of future. We also distribute the production of Pomarkun Urakoitsijatarvike Oy – supplementary equipment for heavy machinery made in Finland. More data from:

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