The ScandiMixer is a new way of mixing motor and concrete. The mixer is available in different sizes and construction. All ScandiMixers are delivered with Honda engines. Engine size is dependent on the mixer campers we supply for kerbing.

We supply 265l mixers with 8 hp. Honda engines.

For Kerbing, it is very important to use a professional 'Paddle mixer that will lift the concrete while mixing, this way you get the best mix, also it's very important for the speed of your kerbers.

With our mixers you do not need electric power! - We deliver the mixer with a 8hp.Honda engine. This will help you speed up your curbing time.

Do not compromise with your mixer. Our mixer is ready to use when it arrives. The Scandimixer is the 'lifeline' and blood in Kerbing - the better mixer you have, the faster you will able to Kerb!

About the company

Pome Grupp OÜ has specialized in garden and landscape design since 2003. In order to offer full solution, we co-operate with Mõdriku Iluaed OÜ, who are targeted to perennial flowers and design gardens. In addition to that we offer different kerbing solutions with Scandicurb machine, which can suffessfully be used in commercial as well as residential works. Dimensions of the machine are not big, which makes it an irreplaceable tool in smaller gardens where larger machinery cannot be used. The machine enables to produce kerbs (sizes are available up to  40cm in width and 40 cm in height), walkway paths (50 cm in width and 7cm in height) and water gullies. Additional information and pictures from all kerbing designs (moulds) are available on our website. This technology is quite new in Europe and is starting to gain more and more interest among Estonian architects and landscape designers. Besides offering full solution in landscape planning, we also resell Scandicurb machines in Estonia. We are convinced that Scandicurb is a unique and multifunctional machine of future. We also distribute the production of Pomarkun Urakoitsijatarvike Oy – supplementary equipment for heavy machinery made in Finland. More data from:

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